The Adult Class

Amorosi's Mixed Martial Arts adult workouts increase physical fitness, stress management and self-defense. Our exercises are safe, effective and scientifically designed so that our students attain their ultimate physique, reduce unwanted stress while learning to defend themselves in a safe environment.

Each workout combines aerobic and muscle toning exercises, strengthening the heart, lungs, muscles and tendons, while maximizing stamina and resistance to illness. Working out at AMMA will result in obtaining your ultimate physique.

AMMA is a unique and progressive martial art, which builds upon itself as you become more skilled. Training begins with simple movements. As coordination and strength increases, you will be promoted in rank and given instruction in more advanced techniques.

Amorosi's Mixed Martial Arts Centers are educational facilities where students not only learn self-defense, but are also taught to overcome life's obstacles and achieve excellence through proper attitude and goal-setting. Excellence in one's own character is what our Sensei's are striving to instill in our students.

Regardless of your age, fitness or experience level, everyone can benefit from Amorosi's Mixed Martial Arts. Under the instruction of our world-class Sensei's, students will excel far beyond their expectations. AMMA emphasizes the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the martial arts, so that our students receive only the best instruction...

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