Children Pre K Levels
For over three decades, Amorosi's Mixed Martial Arts has been teaching children their award winning form of martial arts. There is three major topics covered which are the cornerstones of the Karate Enrichment Program: life skills, physical fitness and self-defense.
  • LIFE SKILLS. The Karate Enrichment Program teaches your children life skills that will become part of their foundation for success in the future. Learning how to focus and concentrate will lead to better comprehension and learning. You will see improved listening skills, focus and social interaction as our program will teach your child how to utilize the techniques they learn in class to excel intellectually as well as socially.
  • PHYSCIAL FITNESS. Exercise is critical to the development of a strong and healthy body. That is why we make physical fitness exciting and fun. Our drills will improve your child's balance, flexibility, strength, coordination eye-hand speed, reaction time, and overall physical ability.
  • SELF-DEFENSE. Our philosophy toward self-defense is unique. We teach your child how to over come bullying/conflict through intelligence. Conflict resolution can range from being confronted by peer pressure to being bullied. Through the Karate Enrichment Program, your child will never have to experience this, because we teach them a simple three-step approach to self-defense.

At Amorosi's Mixed Martial Arts, the most important thing is your child's development. AMMA utilizes subtle techniques such a positive reinforcement to ensure our students gain the self-esteem needed to become a confident young adult. You can rest assured knowing that your child is in a clean, safe environment, being taught by instructors that are trusted and respected in the community.  

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