After School Karate Program

Amorosi's Mixed Martial Arts has been teaching karate for over three decades, but more specifically they have been in the Essex, Morris, and Bergen counties school system for twelve years. The AMMA Philosophy toward child instruction is unique but straightforward. Three major topics (Life skills, physical fitness and self-defense) are taught that are the building blocks to a successful future. AMMA teaches children life skills that will become the foundation for future success in school, sports as well as how to deal with social interaction and pear pressure. Physical fitness is part of establishing a healthy body and understanding of the importance of exercise and hygiene. Finally practical self-defense and the appropriate philosophies that correspond are explained so your child will understand that karate is only to be used for self-protection.

Our Instructors

Master Shihan Amorosi has over thirty years experience practicing and teaching martial arts. He personally selects the AMMA instructors based on their dedication, loyalty and commitment to AMMA. They must be entirely committed to the AMMA system, philosophies, policies and most importantly, our students. It is mandatory that they physically train with Master Amorosi on a weekly basis as well as pass written exams geared toward improving their teaching abilities in order to provide the very best instruction. You will be provided with an Instructor who has been specifically trained to teach to children the course level ages you require.


Amorosi's Mixed Martial Arts will prepare a program that fits your needs. The courses are for children between the ages 2-16. The curriculum consists of teaching the basics of AMMA. The techniques covered include blocks, kicks, strikes, punches, self-defense, and ground defense and all corresponding philosophies. The curriculum is rotated weekly to create excitement and to keep students motivated.

The courses can be for any time duration. Usually, they are between six to twelve weeks. The time length can be customized to fulfill your specific needs. Should you require further consultation on this matter, please feel free to contact us.

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